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Havelock Island at Andaman

Havelock Island at Andaman is situated around 57 km north east of the capital city Port Blair.

The island is named after an Indian general active in India.

The island's current population consists of Bengali settlers. Many of these settlers have Bangladeshi origin as these people were given settlement by the Indian government in 1971 war between India and Pakistan.

Havelock Island is famous for its wise sandy beaches. Radha Nagar Beach, locally known as ‘Beach No. 7’ on the western coast is one of the most popular beaches on Havelock. Radha Nagar Beach was also rated as "One of the Best Beach in Asia" by Time Magazine in 2004. Other notable beaches at Havelock Island include Elephant Beach on the northwest coast, Vijaynagar Beach (Beach No. 5), Govind Nagar Beach (Beach No. 3) and Beach No. 1 on the east coast. Kalapathar Beach is another famous beach for a pit stop.

Snorkeling at Elephant Beach is also a great experience at Havelock Island. Elephant Beach is one of the most preferred snorkeling destinations at Havelock Island.

Havelock Island has become a best destination for Leisure Travellers especially for Honeymooners. The island offer a lot of resorts at the beach from Luxury to Budget to cater the tourist arriving to this Island. The few most famous resorts are Silver Sand Beach Resort at Vijay Nagar Beach, Symphony Palms Beach Resort at Govindnagar Beach in Luxury Segment and Blue Bird Resort, Gold India Beach Resort on Budget Segment.

Access to Havelock Island :

Havelock Island is connected by ferry from Port Blair and Regular ferries are available for Tourist on Daily Basis :

Govt Ferry: Ferries operating by Government
Private Ferry : Ferries operating by Private Sector are MV Makruzz, Coastal Cruise, Express Bhagya and Green ...

Activities at Havelock Island :

Havelock Island is leisure Destination at Andaman where nothing for the sightseeing except beaches. Due to the reason Havelock Island is much famous for the Water Sports Activities at Havelock Island. The Below leisure activities are available at Havelock Island that we offer to the travellers visiting to Andaman Islands :

Scuba Diving at Havelock Island : Scuba Diving is one of the popular activities at Havelock Island. In Scuba Diving we need to wear Diving Suit, Mask, Fin and Oxygen Cylinder to dive under the sea to explore the world under the sea and view the colourful corals and marine life. We offer Fun Diving (Discover Scuba Diving) and Certificate Courses in association with Certified Dive Centres by PADI and SSI.

Sea Walk at Havelock Island : Sea Walk is also one of the best leisure activities at Havelock Island. Sea Walk is one of the great experience to walk under the sea as we walk on land with a helmet fitted with a oxygen pipe and view colourful corals and marine life. We offer this activity at Elephant Beach, Havelock Island which is 20 min boat ride from Havelock Harbour.

Snorkelling at Havelock Island : Snorkelling is a simplest way to explore the life under the sea. At Snorkelling there is no restriction for war the Helmet, Suit, cylinder, etc just wear the snorkels and float on the water bed to view the colourful corals and marine life. At Havelock Island, Elephant Beach is most famous destination for Snorkelling.

other activities like, Joyful Boat Ride, JetSki ride, Banana Ride, Sofa Ride are also available at Elephanta Beach which gives you the great holiday experience at Andaman Island.

All above activities will be accompanied with Professional Guide for Safety and Train.

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